Ashes 2013/14 Countdown: Watson injury confirmed and Australia’s terrible preparation continues!

Alex Kountouris, the Australian physiotherapist, has confirmed that Shane Watson has a low grade strain to his left hamstring. The injury was sustained during the last ODI in India.

Cricket Australia, based on Kountouris’ comments, will be giving Watson all the time he needs to prove his fitness.

The preparation for Australia for the first Ashes test just gets worse doesn’t it with this news? That preparation has included:

1. The travesty of the ODI series in India being agreed to by Cricket Australia before one of the most important series of the decade (in my opinion).
2. The shocking schedule that has been put in place by Cricket Australia that sees the test team named after some players have had only one opportunity to play first class cricket before the side is named.
3. The ongoing injury concerns surrounding Michael Clarke and the fast bowling ranks.

Now we have one of Australia’s most important players (forget what the haters say about him: the fact is he is) in serious doubt to play in what will be a vital test match for Australia to win if it is get the Ashes Urn back.

I would like to hope things will improve from here but one senses, looking at the score presently at Bellerive Oval, that is may not.

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