Cricket Australia: you have lost the plot!!!!

It was the AGM of Cricket Australia yesterday. The Chairman of Cricket Australia has defended its CEO James Sutherland and said the following:

“If we lost the series 5-0, James Sutherland will still be the CEO of Australian cricket, and James is contracted through to June 2015 after the World Cup, and there will not be any changes in that situation, regardless of the way we perform on the field this summer.”

So if we ever needed convincing that Cricket Australia has lost the plot it is all there in that quote. Forgive me but isn’t the performance of the chief of the game supposed to be measured first by the performance of the principal team under his charge on the field?

I concede that James Sutherland has done a wonderful job in improving the finances of Cricket Australia and in developing the product of the Big Bash League and his performance in those areas seems to be more important that the performance of the cricket team playing under the banner of Cricket Australia?

Those advocating for change at the top of Cricket Australia, like me, are going to be waiting for a while. I hope that the continued rotting of the metaphorical fish that is cricket in this country does not continue with the haste of the rotting at its head.

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