Ashes 2013/14 Countdown Day 62: DRS madness!!!

The ICC announced yesterday that their solution to issues surrounding the use of the Decision Review System that came to a ahead in the Northern Hemisphere portion of the Ashes is to implement a trial during the upcoming Southern Hemisphere return series that sees two (2) additional reviews given to each team (assuming that team has exhausted its review allocation) after an innings reaches the 80 mark.

This is nothing more than a bandaid for a broader problem isn’t it? The issues that arose with the DRS in England were not that there weren’t enough reviews but a mix of poor technology, poor umpiring and limited understanding of what the laws actually say about the review process.

What happens in the coming series, for example, when there is a technology failure or when, after 57 overs and two failed reviews there is another “Broadesque” clanger? The same vitriol and negativity about the process would seem the obvious answer.

There is no quick fix for the problems that the Decision Review System has because the system is hamstrung by limitations in technology and, now, negative perception.

Instead of applying a bandaid, it is incumbent on the ICC to stand up and make the only decision really available which is to scrap the whole thing and go back to the onfield umpires being the sole arbiters of whether a batsman is in or out. Either that or institute a system whereby the system is used in real time to review every system.

One final thought: is the premier series of test cricket in the game really the right forum to test a “new” theory of how to fix the DRS? Seems like a recipe only for more disaster to me!

2 responses

  1. Completely agree that it’s madness to have 2 reviews per 80 overs. The reason the Stuart Broad decision didn’t get overturned (and I don’t agree it was a howler because it was an edge to keeper that was spilled to first slip) was because Clarke used up his reviews on speculative grounds, rather than to overturn clear errors for which the system was designed (something of which Cook was guilty later in the series). Increasing the number of reviews will only exacerbate the problem. I would have preferred one review only but you don’t lose it on umpire’s call decisions. The one good piece of news is that it’s likely real time snicko will be used in the series. It should hopefully clear up those “extra faint” edges that hotspot misses.

  2. The only thing I would have changed is that you shouldn’t lose a review if it’s an “umpire’s call” decision. Expect lots of speculative reviews in the final few overs before the 80 over mark.

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