Canberra Raiders: An Open Letter to Ricky Stuart

Dear Ricky,

Congratulations on your new job with the Canberra Raiders. I am a long time fan of the club, having first having an interest in the Raiders in 1985. Based in Brisbane, it has oft been difficult to travel to Canberra Stadium but, until this year, I have never had any trouble giving my full throated support to the club that I love. I have to say though that this year has pushed me to the limits of my endurance.

I will concede I am not a supporter of your appointment to the head coaching role of the team but now you are here I pledge to you that I will give you my full support. That support though comes with some demands, because I do not think I, or many other Canberra fans, will survive another season like that which was 2013.

I do not require the team to make the finals for it to be considered to be a successful year in 2014 but, Ricky, if you could undertake to do the following I, and my fellow Canberra Raiders fans I am sure, will be happy:

Coach the team to play every game hard and for 80 minutes and drop any player who does not do so.

If a player breaches team rules or is ill disciplined sack him. This includes any infractions related to alcohol. Another “Dugan / Ferguson” fiasco must not be countenanced.

If a player does not wish to play for our club and notes in the media that he wants to move elsewhere sack him. Another situation like that which Anthony Milford has placed the team in must not be countenanced.

Keep the young talent in the under 20s team in Canberra and sign them for the long term.

Still be the coach in 2015.

I don’t think the foregoing is too much to ask Ricky; I am not asking for a premiership or even a winning season, what I am asking for is you to return my sense of pride in following this team that I have supported for 28 years.

If you can not do these things then it is going to be another season of lament for those of us Canberra Raiders fans who are left which can not be a good thing for the club.

Thank you in anticipation.


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