Football Finals Month … Frankly I could not care less!

I have been asked a lot this week who I am following in the finals of the NRL and AFL and whether I was enjoying the finals so far. I will answer here as I have answered each enquiry:

The AFL season finished 3 weeks ago when the Bombers were punished by the AFL and the NRL season finished 2 weeks ago when the Raiders were knocked out so I really don’t care who wins the finals!

It has be claimed to me that that is a narrow minded view. Why is that so? Do people think that having supported a club all season (and in the case of both the Raiders and Bombers over 20 years) that all of sudden it is expected that I will pick another team to follow for the next 4 weeks?

I can not think of a more ridiculous suggestion frankly. To me it is simple: I support a team, it is not in the finals therefore I have no interest in the finals.

To everyone with teams in the finals: good luck to your respective teams and rest assured that I will not be jumping on your team’s bandwagon because to do so would be disrespectful, even if I was interested which I am not.

It is going to be a quiet September for me: a bit of rugby to watch and much expectation for the cricket season to come because the other football seasons are over. Here’s hoping that this time next year I have something to cheer about!

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