Cricket: When is it ever appropriate to urinate on the pitch?

It has been reported widely today that the English cricket team celebrated their win of the Ashes series at the Oval overnight by having a few drinks in the middle of the field and then, for some players, urinating on the field. This is all allegation at this stage but if it is true this is a disgrace frankly.

Are you kidding me England? After the furore over David Warner’s tap on the chin of Joe Root and angst over Darren Lehmann’s comments regarding Stuart Board in which the ECB have taken the absolute high ground (rightly I concede) what ground will they take now?

I get that sometimes a bunch of guys sitting around in a park having a beer might not try to find a public convenience to relieve themselves and rather might find a close by tree to do. But to do so in the middle of one of the great cricket ground of the world smacks of the arrogance of these guys.

I was more than happy to salute the victory of the England team in this series: they played better cricket as a team when it mattered. The fact is though that throughout this series they have done their best to take the moral high ground and paint Australia’s players and administrators as wild colonials. Last time I checked though said colonials have not taken a mid celebration leak on the middle of one of their fields. Or at least if they have they had the decency of doing so when no one was in the ground.

Hang your heads in shame England cricket! And if the ECB does not come out massively against this abhorrent display then they ought hang their heads in shame too. One wonders if they will do so or if they will continue to show the arrogance of their players and just laugh this off!

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  1. I’ve not seen any reports over here, just one report gleefully jumped on by a number of Australian news agencies. If it’s true, though, I completely agree with you. Totally unacceptable.

  2. I agree that, if true, it is unacceptable. However, I have a couple of observations on the Herald Sun and Times of India reports. (One looks as though it was lifted straight from the other so it could be the work of the news agencies)

    The report itself states that said act took place 5 hours after the end of play which prompts me to ask the question ‘who would have been around at around 1 a.m. and what were their motives?’

    The second point is that these articles are written in the passive voice and this is a very effective way of distancing the author from the authenticity of the claim if called into question.

    Having read your blog with interest over the last few days I can’t imagine that you would be fooled by that tactic though.

    Sadly the series is at an end and both teams have a lot of work to do in preparation for November.

    It will be an intriguing and entertaining series and I hope that it will be played in the right spirit both on and off the field.

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