Canberra Raiders: David Furner released from his contract

The Board of Directors of the Canberra Raiders have confirmed that they have today terminated the contract of coach David Furner and appointed Andrew Dunemann in his place for the rest of the season. The link to the official confirmation is here:

As a long time Raiders fan to say this is saddening would be an understatement. In his 5 years at the helm the Raiders may only have won 43% of their games. Terrible seasons in 2009 and 2011 were dovetailed with finals appearances in 2010 and 2012 against expectations and the team is still in the hunt for the finals this season. There are plenty of other coaches going around that would be very happy with that record given the player list Furner has had to work with.

There has been no other coach who has had to deal with more idiocy from within his own player group than Furner; such idiocy reached its epoch this season with the conduct of Josh Dugan and Blake Ferguson and their clear lack of respect for him is a disgrace to say the least. Through all of that he acted in a reasonable and responsible way and always had the best interests of the club at heart.

I am stunned by this decision and can only hope now that the Raiders lift under Dunemann for the last games of the season and make the finals. Otherwise sacking the coach now has all been for nothing and could be considered nothing more than a disrespectful end for a wonderful servant of the club.

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