The Ashes: Where to from here for Australia?

The question of what next for Australian cricket has one that has been on the lips of many since the completion of the “2013 Lords Massacre”. I have a longer blog about the state of cricket in this country in the works at the moment but really that looks at the broader issues effecting the game.

My bigger concern for present purposes is how do we win at Old Trafford. Actually, forget winning … How do we compete at Old Trafford? There were plenty of players who failed at Lords but we still have a test to play in 9 days time AND, stop laughing English fans, the Ashes is still there to win.

Calls for mass sackings and the drawing in of players from outside the squad are at best knee jerk and at worst stupid. I mean: has Australia become as bad as England in 1989 yet? I do not think so!

I think we need to do the last thing everyone is expecting us to do: change nothing! That’s right: you read it correctly … CHANGE NOTHING! Keep the same 11 for this next test match and empower them with the task of bringing Australian cricket back from the edge of the abyss.

The only player I would countenance leaving out is A Agar. The experiment has failed: opposition spin bowlers took 11 wickets at Lords and he took none so despite how many magazine covers his image and that of his girlfriend sells it is probably time for an experienced spinner to step in.

England think they have the Australian team and fans broken and maybe they do have some of Australia’s fandom on brink BUT there is a lot of cricket to be played yet and they have not won the series yet.

So let’s keep this team together and empower them to get the job done. They can compete and, you never know, they may just surprise us fans with something special!

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  1. As I just said on your other blog, I’d keep Agar. It would be a bit harsh dropping him after one good and one poor performance (plus he is your leading run scorer!) Other than that, I think you’re right. I don’t know if the Australian press corp would agree though.

    • There is a practice test for Australia against Sussex before the third test. I’d suggest giving Agar a chance there. If he is able to perform with the ball, only then he must be given an opportunity for the third test. He is only 19 and there is plenty of cricket waiting for him in the future, but this third test is important from the Australian viewpoint. They must not take any chances.

    • But did he really have a good performance with the ball at Trent Bridge? Strikes me that the 98 masked, obviously, the fact that he did not bowl wonderfully well there as well.

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