I am sorry: an open letter to the Western Force and their fans

Dear Western Force and Fans,

Congratulations on your victory tonight against the Queensland Reds. You were the better team on the night and unreservedly deserve your victory.

I owe you an apology: I have since your round two loss to the Kings in Port Elizabeth opined often and loudly that the Force would not win a game this season and I was proven wrong in no uncertain terms tonight. I am sorry.

More to the point I am sorry for being more than a little bit smug about my opinion and a bit dismissive in my consideration of the Force’s form this season.

Good luck for the remainder of the season.

Kind Regards,

A much chastened rugby fan and supposed pundit

PS: Please do not take this as being an attempt at sarcasm or a cheap shot. I truly do mean the foregoing.

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