The weekly compendium: what has been happening on

Some deep and meaningful posts here this week in part in reaction to some feedback received in response to my post about the “death” of Australian cricket and in part because of a very important anniversary for me.

The week started off with an exposition on the most searched terms that lead you to this website: forget sport … it is all about chicken salt and an asian restaurant that leads you to this site! Here is the link to this post:

Being a sports fan can be difficult sometimes and it is always the right of a sports fan to decline to watch their team. My thoughts on this particularly as it relates to the Australian cricket team are here:

A Super 15 preview that showed just how difficult it is to tip teams in this competition ( and a weekend multi bet that was gone by the time the second game started ( were again Friday’s posts.

Finally, I wrote about the importance of speaking out if you are having problems (particularly mental problems) and, of equal importance, listening when someone reaches out to you in a very personal post (

All in all then: it has been a busy week. There will no doubt be more sporting drama to talk about this coming week. That coupled with anything else that crosses my mind will be the focus of this week.

Thanks for reading.

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