The day the cricket died: 2 March 2013

I have been fairly vocal on Twitter and among friends regarding the selection of the Australian cricket team for the present tour of India and the news of today from India has not sated my negative feelings in this regard.

The first bit of news of the day was that Matthew Wade had suffered a broken cheek bone but was still going to play in the present test match in Hyderabad because there is no reserve wicket keeper on tour with the Australian team. The folly of this from the Australian selections was noted at the time the squad was selected but probably not as fullthroatedly as it might have been given the issues that arose with some of the others included in said team.

For the non-cricket fans among you, this move by the Cricket Australia National Selection Panel is akin to Manchester United travelling to Barcelona for a Champions Trophy Final with only one goal keeper in the squad that travelled over. Now imagine that that goal keeper is injured the morning of the game. Pretty impossible to believe isn’t it!

The second bit of news that, it must be confessed, is the straw that broke the camels back for me was the selection of the team for the second test match now underway. In case you missed it:

1. Mitchell Starc, the pick of Australia’s bowler in the last two test matches of the Australian summer, was dropped for a part time off spinning all-rounder in Glenn Maxwell; and

2. Nathan Lyon, who has been a mainstay of the Australian attack over the last 2 years, was dropped for Xavier Doherty who has 2 first class wickets this summer at an average of 80 runs per wicket.

I have written elsewhere in this blog about who I believed ought to have been selected for this test match and I also considered all of the options for the second spin bowling spot. My views have not changed in this regard.

It is incomprehensible to me that a player, clearly in very poor form in the long form of the game, would be selected ahead of someone who toiled manfully in trying conditions with limited assistance in the first test match. Yet that is exactly what has happened with the selection of Doherty for this test match.

It will concede that I have never been a fan of Glenn Maxwell. My principal objection has been that at all stages throughout the recent Australian summer there were a number of players in better form than him who seemingly had no chance for selection because he was in the frame and the selectors consider him to be a player of the future. I remain unconvinced that he has earned his spot in the squad let alone the team ON FORM.

It is important to note that my objections here are not because I do not like either of Maxwell or Doherty. I have no rationale basis for not liking them given that I do not know them. My objection, as it has been all summer when it has come to the selection of the Australian team, rest squarely on the basis that neither player selected has shown form in the long form of the game cognisant with that which is ordinarily necessary to be considered for selection for Australia let alone actually be selected.

The time to act and stop talking has come though in part because I am sick of the aggravation I am causing myself by worrying about Australian cricket and the team that represents it. I am not watching this current test match, save for reading comments about it on twitter, and will not looking at another test match until the team that enters the arena is one selected on form that I can follow.

I know many of you will disagree with me: that is ok because the support of sport and talking about it all about personal choice. Disagree with me as much you wish but whilst doing so please respect my right to have an opinion and express it.

Rant had. Now back to the Super 15!

2 responses

  1. Some good points about not picking on form. Steve O’Keefe should be in the side if we pick spinners on form! Will be interesting what they do with the top 4 bats. Not sure anyone is doing enough to force their way in!

    • I agree on O’Keefe! It is a travesty he is not there. We would do much worse than C Rogers in England in the top 3: he is a specialist in the conditions.

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