Shumpty’s Punt: the recap and a key learning

One of the most important things to recap on when you are punting is to consider your results and whether your strategy is working.

I haven’t had a win on a sports bet multi in 6 months. It is as simple as that. Worse still: most weeks I have gone out in the first or second legs of the multi. The fact is though I love sport and the mechanics of picking a winner is mental arithmetic that I enjoy. On reflection though, where my multi bets have generally fallen over has been in tipping a margin so I am going to jettison margin betting as part of sports multis moving forward. It will lead to skinny dividends but it is what it is.

On the horses I have been going alright save for this weekend just gone when my only return was from a late scratching.

Punting is a swings and roundabouts game but this recent run of form has reinforced for me that it is also a game where you have to bet only what you can afford to bet. My punting on the weekend cost me a grand total of $100 of which I lost $85. That $100 was in my budget for punting and was affordable.

Please though if you are reading this and punting more than you know you can afford you have to stop and talk to someone. Hell email me if you want to have a chat because I see everyday in my real life job the effects that a gambling habit can have on the finances and life.

With that I am off the pulpit and have one eye back on the form guide in preparation for next week.

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