Nearly a new month and time for a revamp: more content and less adhoc

To say that this blog has been become fairly unfocused and, it would be fair to say, an afterthought in recent weeks would be an understatement. I have started a new blog to trace my weight loss and lifestyle project and I concede I have been a bit too focused on it to the detriment of this site.

I have given a lot of thought over recent days about how to remedy this because, frankly, I love writing and don’t want to let this blog become even more of an irrelevancy than it is at the moment.

So, that being the case, I am going to put a bit more of a structure in place around when I am going to post on this blog. Each week will see posts come out on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from today as a minimum. The posts will be a mix of musings from me with no set agenda or limited topic stream.

I write a lot about sport and, in particular, cricket and that will not change but I am also alive to the fact that many of my readers are not as nutty about sport as I am so I will be coming back to the original roots of this blog and writing about anything and everything that happens in life.

Of course if the moment takes me I will write more but as a minimum look out for posts here on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays.

If you are so minded please check out my other site: for everything related to the Operation 100 project I am now on. Also, I will again be writing for the excellent for this Super 15 Rugby season so look out for my posts starting there in coming weeks.

Of course, any feedback is most appreciated.


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