Shumpty Eats: Grub St Cafe

It has been a little while since I posted a food review: simply I have not been eating out much.

Today, however, I decided to head to a cafe that I have driven past multiple times but never ventured into: Grub St Cafe.  Located on Samford Road at Gaythorne, this cafe has always seemed busy when I have driven past and that is as good an indicator as any for me as to whether a cafe has the goods.

The set up of the cafe is excellent: there is a courtyard area were you can sit in the sun, a back deck and an enclosed restaurant area that fronts the street.  In the enclosed area (which is where I sat) the walls are filled with photos, I presume, from the travels of the staff.  It is, I confess, a small room that is filled with some small two seat tables and a some communal style dining tables.  Wooden floors mean that conversations tend to vibrate off the walls so if a noisy feed is not to your liking then I would suggest you choose to dine outside in the courtyard.

To say that menu is a little eclectic is an understatement.  I do not believe I have seen a pork curry, carrot and parsnip pancakes or nasi goring on the menu for breakfast before.  Emboldened by my surrounds I decided to go with the Sri Lankan breakfast pork curry and a vanilla milk shake for my breakfast.

Let’s start with the vanilla milkshake first: I tweeted whilst I was drinking it that it was the best vanilla milkshake and I do not resign from that.  Indeed the milkshake was so good that I ordered a second one when my food came out.  What made it the best milkshake I have ever had? Two things: you could really taste the vanilla (courtesy of ground vanilla pods being in the drink) and the milkshake had been perfectly shaken (there were no ice-cream lumps in the bottom).  I would go back to Grub St again just for the milkshake.

Now onto my food: I have never eaten curry for breakfast (granted it was 10:30am when I ate) and I will declare now that I am unlikely to do so again.  This decision has absolutely nothing to do with my meal and everything to do with having a dodgy stomach that probably didn’t need curry this morning  on top of a pizza laden with chilli the night before.  The curry was pretty good and certainly was breakfast sized.  The pork in the dish was perfectly cooked and the curry had just enough sting in it so as to have me crushing through the water like there was an impending water shortage.  For the curry buffs it was hotter than a madras but not as hot as a vindaloo.  Just the right of amount rice accompanied the dish (and I did not need to order it in addition to the dish).

Sri Lankan breakfast pork curry

All in all, I am unable to say a bad word about Grub Street.  I had an excellent meal, the best vanilla milkshake I have ever had, the service was great and the prices were very reasonable.

I would recommend breakfast or lunch (some of the burgers on the lunch menu look immense) for anyone in the Gaythorne area and indeed would suggest it is worth a drive to to try if you are not on that side of town.

10 out of 10

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