Shumpty Eats: Amazing Thai at Gaythorne

Last night, uninspired by the thought of cooking on a Monday but not wanting to hit up a burger shop Thai was on the menu.  Instead of going to my normal Thai restaurant I decided to head to a small Thai restaurant I had heard good things about in Gaythorne called “Amazing Thai”.

Unfortunately, I have to say straight up that the only thing about the place that was amazing was the word in its title.  The reasons why will become apparent in fairly short order.

First impressions count for much, always have and always will, and the first impression I got of the restaurant was not a good one.  There is no reason on a Monday night with only 1 other table occupied for new patrons to have to wait five minutes before being seated.  I could have accepted it if the restaurant was particularly busy or if there were a heap of people waiting to make takeaway order.  I cannot accept it when the wait is as a result of wait staff sitting in the kitchen having a chat and not hearing the front counter bell.

Unfortunately, this tardiness continued (keep in mind the restaurant only had one other table in use during my sojourn there) when it came to taking orders: twenty minutes before asking if drinks were needed was moderately ordinary.

In any event, as regular readers will know, I can always be swayed by the food of an establishment when it comes to how much I enjoy the dining experience.  Last night I ordered the steamed dim sims for entrée and the red curry done with chicken for main.  As is now becoming custom I had to order my rice separately (this really irritates me).

The dim sims were a disappointment: simply put, they were cold.  I am sure that even luke warm I would have enjoyed them because from a flavour perspective they tasted pretty good but I just couldn’t get past them being cold.  The entrée being bad was unfortunate because the red curry was spot on.  It ticked all the boxes on meat content, thickness of sauce and level of spice that one would expect in a red curry.

Ultimately, as a dining experience I was left disappointed: poor service coupled with a bad entrée experience could not be redeemed by an excellent main.  That said, the excellence of the main has kept me from completely jettisoning Amazing Thai from my restaurant rotation.  I am prepared to go back again sometime soon, if nothing else to see what the dim sims are like when they are warm.

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