Brisbane to Dunedin … The tour begins

Well having started to write about cricket and rugby I thought I would branch out and write about stuff that interests me on a daily basis.  Hence this is the first post of Shumpty on Tour.

Today in my first day visiting the South Island of New Zealand and as first days go it has been very good.  Firstly let me say that Virgin Australia was brilliant.  On time, friendly staff and it never hurts to upgrade one to the exit row seats.  It is a little thing but was very much appreciated!

Three and a half hours in the air and I arrived in sunny but chilly Dunedin.  I don’t know what it is about New Zealand but this place just lifts my spirits every time I arrive.  The air is clean, the weather crisp and the people friendly.

I am staying in Roslyn which is a suburb high in the hills above downtown Dunedin.  The apartment is lovely and sits just down the road from the town centre of Roslyn. After sipping a Monteith’s Black on my balcony in the chilly air I wandered down to the restaurant recommended to me by the landlord of mapartments: a little place called Luna?  To say I had a great meal would be an understatement.  Chicken parmigiana with pesto fettuccini was just what the doctor ordered after a long day travelling.  Anyone coming to this neck of the woods ought check it out.

The only negative in my day has been the discovery that my apartment does not have pay tv and thus the rugby is not readily available for viewing.  Thank goodness for live updates on Twitter.

It is onto tomorrow then and a visit to the Speights brewery.  This may well be the highlight of the whole trip.

Anyhow, time for me to sign off.  Till tomorrow all.


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