The Weekend Multi

It would be fair to say that I have been in barren form with getting a multi up on the weekend of late. Nonetheless, I have had a look at the form across a multitude of sports and have come up with this multi:

Leg 1: Sydney Swans to defeat the North Melbourne Kangaroos in the AFL.

Leg 2: Hawthorn Hawks to defeat Port Adelaide in the AFL.

Leg 3: Arsenal to defeat Aston Villa in the EPL.

Leg 4: Liverpool to defeat West Ham in the EPL.

Leg 5: Manchester United to defeat Leicester in the EPL.

Leg 6: Detroit Lions to cover the line (-2.5 points) against the Green Bay Packers in the NFL.

Leg 7: Baltimore Ravens to cover the line (-1.5 points) against the Cleveland Browns in the NFL.

Leg 8: Seattle Seahawks to cover the line (-5.0 points) against the Denver Broncos in the NFL.

This multi will pay almost $60 per dollar invested.

As always:

  1.  Please gamble responsibly.
  2. All care is taken with tips on this site but no responsibility vests for losses incurred.



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