Happy Australia Day!!!!!

Today marks the 227th anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of British Ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain at that site by Governor Arthur Phillip.

In that long history, Australia Day has taken many names including Anniversary Day and Foundation Day and has been celebrated in many diverse ways. No doubt many of you, along with the bulk of the population of our fine country, will be celebrating via a BBQ or some such outdoor event whilst being adorned in clothing emblazoned with the Australian flag.

I am not one for big celebrations on this day: I am proudly Australian 365 days of the year and since I gave up drinking I have tended to eschew most celebratory functions on days like today.

That said, one of the things I love to reflect on on Australia Day is just how lucky I am to live in this country. To live in a free society, with a stable economy, is a privilege: one that I am frankly thankful for.

I particularly love the fact that on this day of national celebration so many of those who have come to this country from foreign shores take the opportunity to become citizens of this country that I love.

So on this 227th Australia Day, I will celebrate by simply being thankful for living in such a wonderful place. That is what this day should really be all about after all.

Super Sunday Sports Multi

After a solid day on the punt yesterday, I found myself drawn to the plethora of sport that is on today and have come up with this seven leg multi that I am quietly confident about:

Leg 1: New Zealand to defeat Sri Lanka in ODI cricket.

Leg 2: Eugenie Bouchard to defeat Irina-Camella Begu 2-0 at the Australian Open.

Leg 3: Maria Sharapova to defeat Shuai Peng 2-0 at the Australian Open.

Leg 4: Washington Wizards to defeat the Portland Trail Blazers by a margin of 1-10 points in the NBA.

Leg 5: Tomas Berdych to defeat Bernard Tomic 3-0 at the Australian Open.

Leg 6: South Africa to defeat the West Indies in ODI cricket.

Leg 7: Perth Scorchers to defeat the Melbourne Stars in BBL cricket.

The first leg of this multi kicks off at 8am (Brisbane time) so be sure to get your bets on in time.

The multi should pay just a shade under $50 for every dollar invested.

As always:

1. Please gamble responsibly.
2. Whilst all care is taken with these tips, no responsibility vests for losses incurred.

Good luck!!!!

Am I a disengaged fan of the Queensland Reds? You bet I am … but I am still a fan

Yesterday I received a Direct Message on twitter from the Queensland Red’s twitter account that read as follows:

“Hi Steven, we’re concerned that you’re feeling disengaged as a fan and we’d like to know how we can improve the situation?

My reply (along with the original DM) is set out in the two photos below:


I concede that my answer did not really answer the question put to me. I set out what had led me to become disengaged without answering what would improve my level of engagement. The fact is that there is nothing that Queensland Reds could say to me that would be likely to reinvigorate my engagement levels given the breadth of my whinges.
Regardless though of my level of disengagement with the team, I will continue to:
  1. Go to Reds games.
  2. Celebrate Reds victories.
  3. Commiserate Reds losses.
  4. Where appropriate, criticise all that I believe to be wrong with the team.
That is, after all, what being a fan of a sporting team is all about isn’t it? Whether I am engaged or not I remain a fan.


A final point: if sending me the message above was a strategy to engage me by the Queensland Reds it represents a spectatular failure because as I post this blog, some 24 hours after my reply to the Red’s message I still do not have a reply. Spelling my name wrong was bad enough but attempting to engage me without actually engaging is just another brick in the wall of my disengagement.




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